Ok, you’ve got this guy who’s been held as an enemy combatant although he’s a US citizen, with the ACLU screaming bloody hell about his “rights” being denied.

Listen. When you join the forces of the enemy, you’ve waived your rights as US citizen because you’ve joined the enemy!

Now you’ve got the fact that he was indicted, but…now it seems as though they’re going to rule out the testimony of two Al Qaeda terrorists because the two whiners were ’subjected to harsh questioning.’ Well booohoo!

To my way of thinking, terrorists deserve to be taken into the back and shot in the head. We are AT WAR. War is a war of attrition where you KILL THE ENEMY. Padilla identifies with the enemy, that much is clear. So what’s the problem?

From the Superpatriots website:

Some people say that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Cute saying, but not legally correct. Freedom fighters and guerrillas, historically, wear uniforms- no matter how ragged or mismatched, they carry their arms openly, rarely target civilian women and children, have military ranks and often have Identity Cards. Examples include; Tito’s resistance in WWII, Cuba- 1950’s, Dominican Republic- 1960’s, Nicaraguan Sandinistas- 1970’s, the Salvadoran FMLN and the US-backed Contras in the 1980’s, Karen Rebels-1990’s, and Commander Massoud’s Mujahadeen resistance against the Soviets between 1980 and 1989, and Massoud’s Northern Alliance resistance against the Taliban between 1996-2005.

On the flip side, you have the Taliban, al-Qaida, and other terrorist organizations, which do none of these things. Nor do they abide by or follow the Rules of Land Warfare {GC Article 4 ß 2 (d)}. Terrorists indiscriminately kill women and children through acts of terror. Terrorists behead their hostages (as compared to Jack, who was denounced by the Taliban Judge/bomber he captured for failing to allow the terrorist to use the bathroom for a full twelve hours).

Oh, but they were subjected to “harsh questioning”. Give me a freakin’ break.

I suppose we should give them an ice cream cone and take them to a movie. We’re already treating the terrorists at Gitmo better than we treat our own soldiers–their meals on average per day cost $4 a day to $3.60–the average meal cost per day for convicts costs $2.78 per day. The average cost of meals served the terrorists at Gitmo costs $12.68 per day. View the phantom of the opera london tickets.

Since when do we give preferential treatment to TERRORISTS? This is absolutely astonishing…but there are many more examples of it. They get a brand new Qu’ran, they get 24-hour access to an Imam, they get a new prayer rug, they get a sign in their cell that points to mecca, they get a prayer cap, etc., etc.. It’s ridiculous!

This reminds me of the terrorists that supposedly were “hanging upside down” in the basement of Jack’s safe house. Interesting that the journalists who reported the lies of these terrorists forgot to mention that there was no basement in that house. Also interesting that they didn’t report that Specs and SF Ops have about 50 of those safe houses in and around Kabul.

When all was said and done, these people admitted that no torture occurred, but still maintained that Jack didn’t allow them to pee for 12 hours, so they whined about THAT. That’s just a wee bit different than being electrocuted, or having boiling water poured on you, like they originally claimed. That is, in fact, what happened to Jack and his men at Saderat immediately after they were taken into custody, but I don’t hear the human rights activists complaining about THOSE injustices.