Once upon a time in Los Angeles were some very well-meaning people with very big hearts who wanted to make certain illegal aliens innocent of other crimes would report crimes to the police and obtain health services without fear of their illegal alien status being used against them.

In practice what this ordinance means is a police officer can’t arrest a known gangsta thug who he has knowledge of being illegally here in America just for being here illegally. The officer must have reason to arrest him for something other than his complete contempt for American sovereignty. An officer may know a gangsta was arrested, served time and/or deported and in America illegally and yet that is not enough to arrest him let alone inform the INS!!! Appallingly, 70 percent of these illegal criminals are re- arrested in Los Angeles County within five years. These are convicted criminals who have been deported and then come back to commit more crimes. It’s a revolving door.  Beyond the absurdity of thwarting and undermining what should be common sense, isn’t it Crystal Clear this ordinance is protecting the wrong team? The people who this ordinance was enacted to protect don’t not report crimes because of fear of police or fear of being deported. Without exception, the two reasons I have heard over the years time and time again for people of legal and illegal status not reporting crimes are seo companies in miami.

1) Cultural &/or social designation of being a “ratta“…or being seen as a “ratta“… plain and simple…ratta is a RAT…they don’t want to be seen or see themselves as someone who doesn’t take care of their own business and stand up for themselves…It isn’t that the police won’t take care of business and protect them…
2) However, that isn’t to say there isn’t the fear of retaliation of the gangstas and their affiliates..Oh no….that is also present but I find more people admit they want to take care of business themselves and not be seen by their boys as rattas…There is a phenomenal passion about violence and gang justice…Use of the police to achieve justice is seen as weakness extraordinairre…a painful blow to well -nurtured machismo .

Thus isn’t it obvious a part of the solution to the infestation of gangstas in LA is well within our legal and practical grasp?…Police don’t want to waste their time harassing illegal aliens…As you can tell by the title of this post, I am even willing to assist the mayor, City Council and chief of police by naming it: Ordinary Order 41. How about turning away from special interest groups with a political agenda and turning towards a simple return to ordinary common sense?