Sometimes I make the mistake of trying to understand the liberal mind. I will, quite stupidly I admit, sometimes go to their websites just to get a feel for the waters. With the historic Iraqi elections on 1-30-05, I thought maybe there would be some uplifting posts and comments about how our great country had a hand in bringing democracy to the Iraqi people. I was, of course, disappointed.

None of this surprises me much. Our president can do nothing right in the eyes of many liberals. Which brings me to the heart of this post. A repost actually, fom Sticks and Stones. It seems to be relevant to this issue. Here it is, with a few updates:

Too Close To True

The Journal of the American Medical Association along with the Center of Disease Control have today released word of a groundbreaking discovery sure to change the world as we know it. JAMA and the CDC, in a joint statement, have issued word that the cure for cancer has officially been found.
This discovery has been called the single greatest medical advancement in human history. It cures, it seems, every type of cancer known to man. In one fell swoop, the leading cause of death in humans has been eradicated.
“It is truly a golden day in human history,” Judie Golberding, Director of the CDC stated. “We must express our greatest gratitude to the man responsible for this discovery, George W. Bush.”
“He is truly a great man and his discovery will end so much pain and suffering throughout the world,” Fil B. Fontana, Executive Deputy Editor of JAMA stated.
Mr. Bush was unable to be reached for comment, but a Halliburton spokesman informed this reporter that Mr. Bush would be speaking later in the week.

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