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In Iraq on Sunday, 60 per-cent of voters took part in their country’s first free and fair election. What does this mean? Well, first and foremost, that the Iraqi people are now a free people. They’ve entered the club of democratic nations, and even if some members (yes, France and Germany, that means you) didn’t think they were really good enough to join, the Iraqi people have elbowed their way in anyway. Good for them!

What the election also means, is that Iraq has called al-Qaeda’s bluff. Last week, Islamist-sicko Abu Musab al-Zarqawi informed them they would be going to the polls amid ‘rivers of blood’. Although he’s still sounding bullish, the tough talk looks ridiculous when set against the pitifully small number of casualties. This, from the militants:

Of course, no one is really listening to Zarqawi anymore. He finally sounds like the madman he plainly is.

The other thing the elections mean, and this is something that cannot be stressed enough, is that the U.S. has, at long last, laid to rest the spectre of the Vietnam war.

For thirty years now, conservatives have had phrases like ‘another Vietnam’ and ‘quagmire’ pelted at them by every appeaser, apologist, peacenick, moonbat and socialist. ‘Vietnam’ has become a single-word argument against virtually any attempt to impose order or democracy on the third world, while acting as the cautionary tale people tell their children at night if they want them to grow up to be Democrats.

Indeed, if Vietnam had turned out differently, it’s arguable there would be far fewer despotic regimes around the world today, and far fewer opponents of freedom at home.

Viewed in this way, the left’s rabid desire to see the elections in Iraq fail is explained. On Saturday, they went to bed well-armed with an argument against unseating tyrants by force. Four days later, thanks to the courage of the Iraqi people in turning out to vote, the left have had this most sacred of their cows shot, butchered, cooked and served up to them in a bun.

So, next time any of us hear a liberal wailing, ‘It’s going to be another Vietnam’, we have a comeback. ‘No,’ we can tell them. ‘It’s going to be another Iraq.’